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Dear New York Times

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I love your newspaper. I read it every day. In fact, sometimes I read it several times a day. I carry it with me everywhere I go so I can read it on the train, while eating lunch, walking down the street, in the bathroom, waiting in line… wherever. I love your writing, the stories and the format. I am getting it all for free too.

I get the NYT on my HTC Evo. It’s great because it updates all day and I never spend a dime. I noticed the only advertisement I EVER see is for home delivery. I’ll be honest, you will never get me to order a subscription. I still purchase books and magazines, but newspapers are too big and don’t add value to me. I hate getting newsprint on my fingers and I don’t feel like carrying around one more thing (right now I just carry my phone and wallet… I’m sure those two will merge eventually too). I would consider a monthly recap/collectors edition magazine with the best stories, best photographs and best of everything, but I don’t see myself ordering a full paper with home delivery.

So my suggestion: do a little pop up ad here or there. I won’t mind. Add a little ad for a deli at the bottom. Or maybe get a locksmith to throw in an ad here or there at the bottom of a story. Or a car dealership can advertise. Whatever. You could compete with ads sold by Google, Facebook, Myspace and the other sites that have popped up selling ads. In fact, as a photographer that makes money from people advertising, I will LOVE you for it!

The fact is: I love the work you do and I want you to keep doing it. in fact, I want you to hire some more strong writers and turn it in to the best news publication in the world… and I want it or free. So charge for ads on mobile devices and get a few on there! Really, it is much better than trying to convince me to pay to have the paper delivered to my home and will actually save you money (no paper + no shipping + no delivery costs = more money you can spend on hiring writers, giving yourself bonuses and catered lunches)

Thanks for reading,
Michael Donovan


Written by Michael Donovan

31/08/2010 at 2:08 pm

Go out on a limb….

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….and go as far as you can go to see where it breaks. When you fall, get back up and pick another limb to try. There is a forest full of trees so you’ll never run out of things to do.

Written by Michael Donovan

25/04/2010 at 1:32 am

It’s your responsibility…

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…to create something memorable and add value to everyone you reach. It’s not the other way around.

Written by Michael Donovan

05/04/2010 at 3:40 am

Luna Bar: Most Obnoxious Marketing campaign

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Since i’ve been riding my bike I’ve been carrying nutrition bars so I can get a boost of energy when I’m in the middle of nowhere. My favorite bar are the Lemon Zest Luna Bars. My beef with them is: their packaging clearly says “nutrition bar for women.” Really, that is just plain retarded. It’s not like they’re pumping it with estrogen and it doesn’t come with a break-away tampon.

The thing is, they’re distributed by Cliff Bar (who also makes great tasting bars). There is nothing that makes them gender specific. It’s just food!!! I can’t recall a single fruit in the world that only markets itself to women or men. But some genius at Cliff said “Hey! This has less calories! Let’s sell it to chicks!” (The website says it was an idea of the women at Cliff… so it appears Goodwill isn’t the only group hiring retards)

If anyone knows of a lemon flavored bar that is made “just for men,” please tell me. Until then: I’ll eat the Luna bars and say “Fuck you, Luna, for your shitty marketing strategy.”

Written by Michael Donovan

30/03/2010 at 11:25 am

It’s Your Life… Make a Decision

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A friend in Cali called today and asked for my opinion. Her situation is simple: the agency she’s signed with (she’s a model) wants her to get breast implants so they can present her to Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated.

Personally I think she shouldn’t do it. She’s only 20 years old and NO ONE can promise her an assignment, they can only get her a casting and nothing more. I’m sure both SI and VS would not suggest every girl go out and get boob jobs and would find this silly. (For the record: SI and VS are both companies I am interested in working with at some point in my career… just say’n!)

My advice to my friend is simple: make a decision and stick with it. If she has been spending the past 2 years looking at her boobs in the mirror thinking “I want a boob job!” then I say “go for it.” People seem happier when they get vanity surgeries like braces, boob jobs and lasik surgery and I’m not one to judge them. But, if she has NEVER considered this, she should decline the insulting idea.

The thing is: people need to make more decisions. I don’t know how it has happened but people have become loose. It’s important people start tightening up, make stronger decisions and do things that will bring them joy and profit on their terms. No one sitting at the top of the food chain has ever gotten there by luck- they got there by adapting and being more focused on what they want.

Written by Michael Donovan

26/03/2010 at 8:05 pm

You Have to…

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..start somewhere!

Written by Michael Donovan

25/03/2010 at 1:56 am

Dec. 8th is International Michael Donovan Day

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Today is my birthday. I woke up and was worried i was going to have a midlife crisis. Then I realized I was too young for one and went back to sleep.

Today I thought about a few things but the biggest realization was how poorly I have viewed my birthday. I’ve always thought of it as being placed at an inconvenient time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all float around it. Not to mention Veterans day and Valentine’s day. And don’t forget: the weather is often junky in December. So people forget. BUT I realized this could be the BEST day to celebrate.

I decided December 8th will be International Michael Donovan Day. Everyone in the world is invited to celebrate. It will be viral and underground for the first few years but I have a theory: your life wasn’t worth living if you didn’t change the word in such a way that the entire planet can’t collectively agree that they would never go back to the way they lived BEFORE you changed the world.

So here is the deal: I’ll donate my birthday to the world. Everyone celebrates life on this day. And there will be another celebration on June 8th as well. Get silly, get stupid and get retarded. Have fun, be safe and go crazy. Dress up funny, give homemade gifts, have friends over for dinner, do whatever. Always do something new each year but make sure to celebrate life. Even tonight, celebrate life in SOME way! Even if it means going to the theater by yourself- do what you want and make it special.

Happy International Michael Donovan Day (IMDD).

Written by Michael Donovan

08/12/2009 at 5:56 pm