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The List of Films

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I made this list for a friend who wanted a suggestion for a movie. There are more I’d like to suggest but I don’t have Netflix anymore and clearly their titles weren’t memorable enough. Here are 15 of the greatest films of all time:

• Secret Things (French, 2002)
• Paris, je t’aime (French, 2006)
• Swimming Pool (French, 2003)
• Story of O (French, 1975)
• Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind (US, 2004)
• Lost in Translation (US, 2003)
• The Dreamers (International, 2003)
• The Invisibles (US, 1999)
• What the Bleep do we Know!? (US, 2002)
• Secretary (US, 2002)
• Pan’s Labyrinth (Mexico, 2006)
• The Decline of the American Empire (French, 1986)
• Point & Shoot (US, 2004)
• Eyes Wide Shut (US, 1999)
• Waking Life (US, 2001)


Written by Michael Donovan

28/05/2010 at 8:37 pm

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