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Luna Bar: Most Obnoxious Marketing campaign

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Since i’ve been riding my bike I’ve been carrying nutrition bars so I can get a boost of energy when I’m in the middle of nowhere. My favorite bar are the Lemon Zest Luna Bars. My beef with them is: their packaging clearly says “nutrition bar for women.” Really, that is just plain retarded. It’s not like they’re pumping it with estrogen and it doesn’t come with a break-away tampon.

The thing is, they’re distributed by Cliff Bar (who also makes great tasting bars). There is nothing that makes them gender specific. It’s just food!!! I can’t recall a single fruit in the world that only markets itself to women or men. But some genius at Cliff said “Hey! This has less calories! Let’s sell it to chicks!” (The website says it was an idea of the women at Cliff… so it appears Goodwill isn’t the only group hiring retards)

If anyone knows of a lemon flavored bar that is made “just for men,” please tell me. Until then: I’ll eat the Luna bars and say “Fuck you, Luna, for your shitty marketing strategy.”


Written by Michael Donovan

30/03/2010 at 11:25 am

2 Responses

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  1. Michael,
    Here’s a great nutrition bar if you like lemon: the lemon ginger gourmet wellness bar from Kardea Nutrition. Kardea’s bars all have 7 grams of protein and fiber, plus 1 gram of heart-healthy plant sterols, in only 150 calories. They’re natural, vegan, kosher, and have wonderful texture, aroma, and finish. They come in four flavors (aside from lemon ginger, there’s cranberry almond, banana nut, and chai spice). You can get them at many health food stores and online at http://Shop.KardeaNutrition.com . Oh, and they’re not just for women.

    Nancy Leary

    31/03/2010 at 4:48 pm

    • Great- I’ll check them out! I’m glad your bars can be safely consumed by people with either a vagina or a penis!

      I just want to make sure- there isn’t ANYTHING in that lemon that will make me grow boobs or get PMS? And since you have less calories than Luna bars, are you SURE I can consume it? Like, shouldn’t I be consuming a billion times more calories to carry around my lemon-less manly body?! 😛

      Michael Donovan

      31/03/2010 at 4:56 pm

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