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Best Music & Best Places to Live

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I am known by friends for having a very good music collection. Finding good music is a serious hobby of mine (that is not an exaggeration… I spend 3-8 hours each week after work looking for music). Here is my list of 10 of my top 20 artists (I’m not including the ultra-pop bands like MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Radiohead, Nirvana or the bands who are on the cusp like Matisyahu, French Kicks, or The Frames):

1. Brightblack Morning Light
2. Fleet Foxes
3. M83
4. Passion Pit
5. Phoenix
6. Serge Gainsbourg
7. Sleigh Bells
8. Vampire Weekend
9. Yacht
10. Yeasayer

One thing I noticed: most of the bands come from France, The Pacific Northwest or Brooklyn. I’ve lived in various parts of the country (Including the Pac NW and NY) and I’ve been happiest in the PacNW as well as NY. I read these survey’s by magazines detailing the “best Places in America to live” and I would NEVER consider moving to Charlotte for the bike trails or Cleveland just for the museum.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the music and livability have a much tighter correlation to the enjoyability of a community than the number of ice cream shops or cost of living.

Think about it: if people are comfortable enough to sing whatever they want and expose and express themselves through art, wouldn’t THAT be the happiest and more safe place to live? Ask a girl living in NY if they feel more comfortable walking alone at night in Portland, New York or Chicago, LA, Miami, Tulsa or Dallas.. most women I know who have experienced these cities will always say “NY or Portland!”

Also, wouldn’t you want to live in an environment where people are singing in the streets or producing cultural elements? And the idea that these communities make an environment that supports the arts also helps a lot.


Written by Michael Donovan

28/03/2010 at 11:01 am

Posted in art, Culture

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