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A friend in Cali called today and asked for my opinion. Her situation is simple: the agency she’s signed with (she’s a model) wants her to get breast implants so they can present her to Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated.

Personally I think she shouldn’t do it. She’s only 20 years old and NO ONE can promise her an assignment, they can only get her a casting and nothing more. I’m sure both SI and VS would not suggest every girl go out and get boob jobs and would find this silly. (For the record: SI and VS are both companies I am interested in working with at some point in my career… just say’n!)

My advice to my friend is simple: make a decision and stick with it. If she has been spending the past 2 years looking at her boobs in the mirror thinking “I want a boob job!” then I say “go for it.” People seem happier when they get vanity surgeries like braces, boob jobs and lasik surgery and I’m not one to judge them. But, if she has NEVER considered this, she should decline the insulting idea.

The thing is: people need to make more decisions. I don’t know how it has happened but people have become loose. It’s important people start tightening up, make stronger decisions and do things that will bring them joy and profit on their terms. No one sitting at the top of the food chain has ever gotten there by luck- they got there by adapting and being more focused on what they want.


Written by Michael Donovan

26/03/2010 at 8:05 pm

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