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Controlled Composure

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Tonight I went through some of my most favorite photos I’ve seen through my career. I haven’t visited them for a while but I felt today was a great time to do so in order to redirect my energies and overcome some frustrations I’ve had with my work. I was also exposed to a new photo I had never seen before that really made everything spin- it had some similarities to the other photos but is very hard to understand (for me, at least).

After talking to a friend I was finally able to vocalize what I’ve been missing from my work. Now I can see the path to the direction I’ve been wanting to take my work: I’ll be focusing more on controlling the composure.

Fortunately I started an editorial last week but have not gotten around to finishing it. Now I have the opportunity to complete it with this new energy and I’m excited about it. I’m also doing several shoots next week and will be practicing this as well.

I can only get better from here!!!


Written by Michael Donovan

21/03/2010 at 12:41 am

Posted in Photography

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