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You’re Always Doing something EXTREMELY Well

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If you spend your days staring out the window, you’ll do it extremely well. If you spend your days climbing mountains, you’ll do that very well too. Or you can go help children how to read. Either choice will give you lessons on how to navigate through challenges, come up with good reasons for doing what you’re doing, and you’ll have to make big sacrifices in your life to do anything (even if your choice is to spend all day in bed- you have sacrificed the joy of friendships, adventure and earning)

Here is the tricky part: you’re exerting about the same amount of physical and mental effort doing both. Controlling yourself to stare at the same things every day is just as hard as climbing a mountain- no more or less effort. The reality is: you can do ANYTHING in the world. All of them are scary when you look at it from the outside and take a little effort but some tend to have larger rewards than others. (think of the person who does NOT go out a few days a week to socialize- they live in fear of other people rather than discover how much fun new people and experiences can be!)

So look at your life, identify a fear, and conquer it. It will be a little painful here and there, but you will love the feeling of the reward. You’ll be on your own at first, but then you’ll find other people who will be there for you. Of course, once those people are there, you’ll already be in a spot where you don’t need them.


Written by Michael Donovan

05/03/2010 at 11:00 am

Posted in Life

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