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iPad + (Publication & Advertising)

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Anyone else see the HUGE opportunity for the publication and advertising business with the new iPad?! Both industries experienced a HUGE hit with the digital revolution however the iPad offers a new chance for both industries to reain control of their businesses again.

Let’s think about it:
• It’s the size of a regular book/magazine
• Magazines make their money off advertisers and only a small amount from subscribers
• Subscription services could be sold on the app store
• Right now online magazines are wonky and really impractical to navigate when surfing the web because you can’t hold them like a regular magazine or flip through them so they “feel” like they make the internet a slower experience

It still is not a perfect fit and cannot replace magazines and books for the simple fact: you can’t flip to wherever you want in a 3dimensional environment like you can with a true magazine. But imagine looking at Interview Magazine’s amazing photography on a beautiful and bright environmentally friendly digital page in your hands! Imagine flipping through the pages of ads, which are designed just for being seen on this environmentally friendly device, being able to zoom in on details, then moving on to the actual content! Imagine some of those ads moving or being interactive! Imagine real time polls in your hand. Artwork and literature will display beautifully on the tablet.

I was the first of my friends to get a cell phone (that sounds funny to say now, especially considering how young I am). I stopped landlines service in 2002 before it was normal to run exclusively wireless. I was the first to get an iPod, I had a smart phone before smart phones were considered cool outside the professional world, and I know I’ll be an early adopter for the iPad.

I, for one, hope leaders in the advertising and publishing industries see the potential to bring the money back in and raise the overall quality of both industries as well as the consumer experience. If not, well, then I’ll just have to step in 😉

PS: I know people are bitching about the name “iPad.” Personally, I’m calling it the “iBook.” I suggest you see it that way too.


Written by Michael Donovan

30/01/2010 at 5:32 pm

Posted in Business, Design

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