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I don’t know which is more funny: people still use MySpace or that MySpace wants to charge people because less people are using it.

Basically, the idea is simple: less people are using MySpace so they are losing ad revenue. So what are the smart people at MySpace doing about it? They’re charging for music. Idiots.

See, bands have become the remaining life in MySpace. But what they don’t realize is: I just LEGALLY downloaded about 3 hours of free music from several websites where musicians are throwing their MP3’s online for free. And I’m not alone. Also, after I downloaded the music from the artists who were giving it away for free, I started sending it to all my friends. My close-ish friends live in NY, LA, Paris, Sydney, London, Hamburg, Milan, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and everywhere else. And their friends all live across the globe as well. So now their music went global in about 24 hours.

So they want to charge for what they have left. Apparently they didn’t learn much from the artists (I have this feeling that most successful artists are smarter than most people with MBA’s since successful artists are capable of business/marketing AND creating content people actually willingly carry around with them throughout the day)

The game is simple: give it to us for free and we’ll pay to go see you in concert. And you know what? this is how it SHOULD be. Afterall, what would High School/College have been like without mixed tapes/CD’s from friends?!

Before everyone was double dipping: you had an album sale ($), followed by a concert ($$$) where you could buy products ($$). But, if you’re smart you will give away free content, get people to come to your shows and create AMAZING shows. You don’t even have to sell junk anymore (and please don’t. We don’t need more waste). A great band can bring its rates up higher, do daytime shows on Saturday’s at a reduced rate, and spend the evening putting on a higher priced private show at a smaller venue. Or they can do a smaller venue during the day and a much higher priced venue at night. Either way: people will stop listening to all the shitty bands and start attending good shows.

Just for fun, here is where bands can go a step further: At the end of a show, the band could provide free MP3’s of the concert they just gave to the participants. You could get the copy online, at the door or at the bar next door. And what do you think will happen? I’m willing to bet they will send it to their friends and get them to encourage the venues to bring them back ASAP.

So MySpace will charge. That’s a bad mistake. They should actually encourage more free giveaways and start creating BETTER venues where bands can play. That is the smarter move. This would encourage more people to take the site seriously, provide a better format for music to get out and create a real economy. Did they really think they could rely on a website that was made in Tom’s bedroom?!

But Myspace may not be that smart. Maybe they can join Classmates.com in the loser-circle.


Written by Michael Donovan

15/11/2009 at 5:18 pm

Posted in Music

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