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I am in the middle two writing two film scripts. One is for a large budget film that I’ll be pitching in Hollywood. The other is for Fly.

I was contacted by Stephen at Fly 16×9 a few weeks ago. We met to feel each other out. I liked them, they liked me. I think our common ground is an overt appreciation for art. I think it is interesting that many people consider our work fashionable however both of us are not fans of how much of the fashion world lacks a basic understanding of concepts.

We met again and I threw them a few of my ideas for a few films. A couple ideas gelled with them and we decided to take one and move it to production. It’s a great piece and the script is getting more and more interesting as I work on it. I’m excited to work with this magazine. you can see more of their work here: Fly16x9.com


Written by Michael Donovan

11/11/2009 at 11:18 pm

Posted in art, Video

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