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I received an email earlier in the week from Adam Livermore. He’s a hair stylist from Minnesota who I have a lot of respect for. I have followed his work for a couple years now. He informed me he was going to be in NY this week and asked if I wanted to work with him. “Absolutely!” was my response.

I’ve been talking to MANY hair stylists about ideas but many of them have been shutting them down. I gave Adam a challenge and, where most of the others bailed out, he stepped up. The goal was to shoot a male model in a way that wasn’t masculine, wasn’t strictly feminine and was not “stereotypical androgynous.” I wanted something special, new and to create a gender blur. I did NOT want it to look “draggy” or “faggy.” (my impolite but sincere words)

I brought in some new guns: Jennifer Fein on wardrobe and JP on makeup. Ford delivered with Ian, an amazing guy from London who jumped in to the project with enthusiasm (I quickly found out he is also signed with Bleu in LA with my good friend Mel)

We opted to shoot at Adam’s hotel near Times Square. We shot for a total of 4 hours (including time for makeup, hair and wardrobe changes)

I always feel like I could shoot men better, but I feel this is a great leap in my work. Ian suggested the name “Xavier” for the character we shot… so enjoy the shots of Xavier!!!


Written by Michael Donovan

07/11/2009 at 10:13 pm

Posted in fashion, Photography

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