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iPhone vs Blackberry vs ‘Droid vs Pre

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I’m a blackberry. I want an iPhone. But iPhone does not have a real keyboard. And iPhone lacks BBM.

The Pre looks and acts like the iPhone with a keyboard but it “feels dumb.” I want Palm to do well, but they need to make a phone that actually feels sophisticated and less cheap. Make the touch screen less sugar coated and put it in a phone that feels like something substantial.

Android just weirds me out. The interface is wonky like some 1980’s thing-a-ma-jiggy. And I haven’t found a phone carrying the OS that feels good in my hands. Make the Android more comfortable.

The blackberry: BBM and a real keyboard. That’s pretty much all it has. The apps suck but you can get real business done on your eeny-weeny-teeny screen. (you can get a larger touch screen but, as every BB user will tell you, the Storm sucks sweaty balls). Develop a genuine cool factor and you’ll be cool again.

The iPhone has apps, iTunes and the cool factor. but your keyboard sucks. And don’t say “you will get used to it.” EVERY blackberry user that switches from BB to iPhone says “yeah.. this keyboard sucks.” And many switch BACK to the BB just to get the keyboard. The people who say “you will get used to it” have never owned an adult phone and need to stop using that lame argument. Get a real keyboard thrown in there, Mr. Jobs.

The”other smartphones.” They’re not real phones. Sorry, but there is a reason why these phones are market leaders used by professionals, militaries, and tech nerds. My advice to them is simple: create a super phone that no one can live without (ask any BB or iPhone user: we will both agree we cannot live without our phones).

I’m sticking to my BlackBerry until something changes. I have the Curve and I do not plan on doing ANY upgrades until
a) my phone falls in a bucket of water
b) my phone catches fire
c) my contract with Sprint expires completely (less than a year away. Although I have been happy with my service and I’m glad they keep their rates low considering AT&T, Verizon and Sprint essentially ALL carry the same damn level of service but Sprint decides to save their customers $50 per month on the unlimited plans)

In the meantime there is a year where a lot can happen. AT&T and Verizon can spend less on advertising and drop their rates. RIM could come out with a blackberry that has a real screen and real apps. Pre could make an adult version of itself. and Android could, well, be more human. And the iPhone could get an keyboard intended for adults who do real business.


Written by Michael Donovan

06/11/2009 at 11:50 am

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