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My hard drive was starting to get full. The other day I was at Costco looking at external hard drives but I thought I should go home and conserve time, energy and space by deleting old files o my computer. I figured it would take an hour.

Tonight I dug in to make some room. I started 10 hours ago. 6 hours ago I thought I was halfway there when I deleted 350 gig of digital negatives. Then I found a folder called “Stuff,” another called “Junk,” one called “Chicago stuff,” another called “Elite” and one labeled “JS.” EACH of those folders had about 20 other folders that also had more stuff, some junk and lots of digital negatives. Overall, I think I MAY be about 1/4 the way through this process now. Yes, that is right, it will take me 40+ full hours to complete this task (one working week for the 9-5’ers… one weekend for a freelancer). I walked in to this project with about 1.3tb of data; I am pretty sure I have only about 100 gig of stuff I will end up keeping in the end. This will trim everything down to TIFF’s, a few web sized jpg’s and only a few dozen CR2 files.

This is actually a good thing. Clearly my organizational skills have been pretty weak in terms of file management. This, of course, means I am taking advantage of the situation and creating a new structure on how to handle all digital negatives, how to organize them, store them and label them. This will also help me deliver images quicker AND allow me more flexibility with the usage of images (since it will be MUCH easier to find images now).

This is also my reminder to myself: don’t take shortcuts when labeling stuff. It will cost you later.

Also- since I work for myself and do not get paid unless I am working for someone else, please feel free to email me and ask about buying one of my prints! info@MichaelDonovanPhotography.com


Written by Michael Donovan

24/10/2009 at 3:11 am

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