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Cool Mike: I'll Make Your Life Smack Goody-Style!

Video: Skinny Dippin by Whitney Duncan

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Let me start by saying “I don’t really like this song that much.” It’s OK, but it doesn’t strike me as anything special or particularly significant. My email is down and I got distracted by Facebook when I saw a friend from back home posted this song. all I could think was “Fuck! Have I been in the city THAT long or is she really singing that sloooooowwwwww?!” I grew up in an area where “face paced” meant you did three things in one day; now I live in a city where we have our own internationally recognized length of time that is different than any other city in the world (of course I am speaking of the New York Minute).

It is nice to think about home. I want to visit my friends and family soon. But this also reminded me that I enjoy the faster pace of NY. I like doing 3 things in one minute. I heard someone say “living three years in NY is like living 15 years anywhere else in the world.” I can already see that as pretty true… and now I realize I can happily live at least another 200 years.

Written by Michael Donovan

06/10/2009 at 11:31 am

Posted in Culture, Music, Video

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