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video: Brand New Key by The Oh My God Girls

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My friend >Matt Griffo is in town. I met him while I was doing comedy and working at > Second City in Chicago. He was being featured at a small club on Bowery so I tagged along. I haven’t been in the comedy world in quite a while but seeing the NY scene made remember what I loved about it.

The show started off with >Rachel Trachtenburg and her band “The Oh My God Girls.” It was crazy to see a 15 year old and two 13 year old kids perform in a comedy venue at 11:00pm. They’re just kids but they are using their summer vacation, putting in time, and doing what they love. Their show was followed by a 14 year old boy who used the mic to do some songs; he reminded me a lot of David Bowie. Again, another kid spending his days practicing and his nights getting stage time. There are adults who are not happy with where they are or wonder when they are going to get their “big break,” meanwhile these kids are MAKING their big break!

Their music is not for everyone but, when they polish it and find their audience, they stand a very good chance of being on top! Good luck kids!



Written by Michael Donovan

04/08/2009 at 11:02 am

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