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Collaboration Time with Cool Mike and the Superfriends

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Double-D and me just after we shook an apple from the techno-tree

I remember when they added “Collaboration time” to our school schedule. I thought it was bogus. Now I find myself spending more time in collaboration meetings than ever before. Agencies, artists, models, stylists, musicians, designers, etc… I’ve only scratched the surface. So many people have so many ideas and I’m happy to get everyone working together on projects they couldn’t do if they stay stuck in their closed worlds. I make it my special point to meet a lot of people from different cliques and bring then together.

I had a gang when I lived in Portland, OR. The name was “Cool Mike and the Superfriends.” I briefly had a branch in Washington called “Cool Mike and the Do Gooders.” These posse’s were made up of people like Nitro, Supey, Fuego, Rad, and more. It consisted of party people, code monkeys, comedians, students, writers, entrepreneurs, and everyone else. Everyone had a Superfriend name and everyone had a special talent that could be leveraged by the group but no one was ever asked to use their talent, they just contributed. It was a secret society that we didn’t keep secret. It had its own lexicon and rhythm. Our goal was to have fun, be involved, and enjoy life as the coolest people in the world. The clan was cooler than celebrity, radder than travel, and richer than wealth. Disagreements were settled by “everyone chilling;” chilling worked every time. We never met any enemies except “the man” who we ended up consuming.

You were not officially part of the group until I could meet you, you were given your cool nickname (it’s a super technologically advanced process on how the names are created, so don’t ask!) and were given the secret handshake (yep, this was very 2nd grade!). It was all face to face so you didn’t know who was in the group until you shook their hand or were introduced to them by a friend.

I recently decided to bring back the Superfriends, this time in New York. New York is a global city so, basically, I decided to bring it to the world. I can see branches opening up in Asia and Europe as well as South America, Australia and Africa. Superfriends from the past are welcome to join back in the gang. New friends are already sprouting up and starting to connect.

Keep your eye out and enjoy the stuff we do.

Cool Mike


Written by Michael Donovan

24/06/2009 at 3:05 am

Posted in Business, Life

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