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Melissa Cronk + Bleu = Awesomeballs

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I got a text from my friend Melissa Cronk the other day. She is now a booker at Bleu Models in LA. Mel is like a cool sister-in-law to me (kinda like a sister… but our disagreements are more spiteful and tasty and our friendship is great but not too good to make things wonky).

I cannot express how excited and proud of her I am! Bleu is already one of the worlds best men’s agencies and Mel is one of the best people so this can only mean that exciting things are going to move forward with everyone! Bleu and Mel both made the right choice.

Yay Melissa!!!!

(this is where we all put lay out a blanket, put her in the middle and flip her in the air while she does somersaults and we yell her name just as a unicorn appears… oh yeah… it’s one of THOSE celebrations!)


Written by Michael Donovan

12/01/2009 at 3:59 pm

Posted in Business, Life, Social

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  1. […] The goal was to shoot a male model in a way that wasn’t masculine, wasn’t feminine and was not “stereotypical androgynous.” I wanted something special and new. I brought in some new guns: Jennifer Fein on wardrobe and JP on makeup. Ford delivered with Ian, an amazing guy from London who jumped in to the project with enthusiasm (I quickly found out he is also signed with Bleu in LA with my good friend Mel) […]

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