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…To the Top We go!

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...To The Top We Go!

...To The Top We Go!

OK- I swear my blogs have been ultra sappy lately. I’m sorry. I will get back to being a kind-hearted dick very soon. The last blog made me think of something I wrote to Katrina Hunter back in September 25th before either of us moved to NY. It should be applied to anyone who decided to take risks to become something extraordinary. Enjoy:

“To the Top We Go!

Fuck the haters, wannabes, dropouts, has-beens, posers, could’a-beens, weakling, pessimists, scaredy cats, cry babies, slow pokes, unmotivated, greedy, dramatic, timid, excuse-riddled, fear mongerers, and every other failure trying to spill their loser-brew under our footsteps. Be appreciative of the mediocre for stepping aside and let us give thanks for the people who stop just before the top for challenging us to be our best. Generously praise the people who motivate and enjoy the excitment while passing the people who inspired and now simmer.

The climb to the top is scary to 99.9999999% of the worlds population so don’t let their fear of heights rub into your daily meal. Love god, love your family, then love yourself and I’ll see you at the top Katrina Hunter!

…To the top we go!”

Clearly my language shows my attitude so I kindly ask you to p ass it on to everyone without fucking censoring it.


Written by Michael Donovan

19/12/2008 at 12:21 am

Posted in Life

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